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Raymond's Introduction

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Raymond's Introduction

Post by Raymond S. on Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:57 am

Hello guys! Let me introduce myself as a new member on here. My name is Raymond Swantara. I'm from Gishki Duel Academy. My hobbies are playing basketball, automotive, dancing, hunting food, and watch movie.

If you guys really want to know about me, you can check my profile OR you can ask any question right here. i feel free to reply that question.

Alright then.. i think that's enough. hehehe... and i think it's time for me to say "Have a nice day guys and see ya!! God Bless..."

P.S : Can i join with Scepter 4, Reisi Munakata? Very Happy #Scepter4 #ReisiMunakata
Raymond S.

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